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You can haz the woohoo? [NEWS with a brief cameo by KinKi Kids]
kinki kids - 夜の海
nanyakanya wrote in nantokanarusims
Look, a community! To celebrate, have an extra long post! Well, that and I cap too much. I swear, it will not be like this all the time (unless you gys like extra long stupid posts of "AND THEN CERTAIN IDOL DID THIS!!" XD; )

It should come as no surprise that the first pair to become friends (best friends, at that) were Koyama and Shige.

They were telling each other secrets (secret secrets!) and giggling! Having to see this after a long day of work did not a happy Ryo make.

Upstairs, Tegoshi was trying to befriend Massu the way he knows best: with his tongue.

... only to be rebuked! Massu broke Tegoshi's heart! D: Tego was actually really sad about that for a while...

So I had Massu take pity on him. XD; WHAT? IT CHEERED TEGOSHI UP, OKAY?

Ryo did not approve of this either. But then, Ryo's life is an endless mountain of pain and annoyance anyway. You think he'd be used to it by now.

Now, one of the great things about SIMS with the "Absent-Minded" trait, is they have this habit of stopping to gaze around in wonderment, as if they've forgotten what they were in the middle of doing.

But sometimes it comes at amusing moments. Such as when Pi wakes up and stares at KoyaTego's gay room as if to say, "How did I get here again!?"

As I hinted at in my previous SIMS post, I ended up having Massu quit his job to become the full-time maid. Because our maids were crap anyway, and Massu LOVES TO CLEAN. So with his newfound freedom (and because Pi was getting a bit stir crazy at home) the two of them went SHOPPING! :D

There's just something funny about Massu driving. I don't know what.

Shige would've joined them, but he was too busy writing his novel. Which... is pretty much all Shige does every day. XD;

Though one wonders just what went on during that shopping trip, because as soon as they came home, Pi suddenly had this as a wish:

Who knew groceries were sexy!?

Also, Koyama and Tego came home, both with promotions. Look at Koyamama's little pink scrubs! :D Tego has no uniform because he's a snitch, lol~

To celebrate, Pi made Tegoshi's favorite food for lunch.

Hot dogs! :D (I know, I'm evil. XD)

Remember what I said about Absent-Minded SIMS? Yeah. XD

Everyone else: ... *STAAARES*
no, I'm not going to make the joke. You're probably thinking it anyway. XD

And proof that, when he's not at work, Ryo walks around in his underwear and bunny slippers ALL THE DAMN TIME. EVEN WHEN HE'S OUTDOORS. *cry* XD; Also, Tegoshi is still entranced with Massu's hot dog eating enthusiasm.

As there were no seats available outside, Ryo and Shige commiserated over their hot dogs inside. Oh, it is a solitary life they lead~

Speaking of Shige fail...


But, oh, what is this!?


Surprisingly enough, Pi woke up before anyone else and went and nabbed her! :O GO PI GO!

Most of NEWS was very nonchalant about the whole affair. Well, except Massu and Koyama, who FREAKED THE FUCK OUT. Such is the life of Over-Emotional SIMS.

Post burglary. Tegoshi went back to sleep, Koyama looked dazed, Shige WENT TO READ A BOOK, Massu went to whine to Pi, and Ryo, as always, did not approve.

But it's okay, because Pi comforted Massu! :D

And Shige made it clear that he is also not welcome behind the stove. XD;;;

Random shot of Ryo in his Roadie gear. Because wah, overalls. And apparently grilled cheese sandwiches are one of the few things Ryo does approve of.

Now for one of the bad things about Absent-Minded SIMS...

THEY TRY AND BURN THE HOUSE DOWN. Seriously, Pi has walked away in the middle of cooking several times. It's a wonder they haven't all burnt to a crip yet. @_@;

But one thing Pi is good at is wooing a certain brightly clothed neat freak who he lives with. I'm guessing when they're stuck at home together all the time--well, Shige's there too, but he's glued to his damn computer--it's no surprise that they suddenly want to make out.

... or more. I'm sure I don't have to show you what went on after this.

Koyama: Hey, do you hear that thumping noise upstairs...?
Shige & Tegoshi: NO.

D'awwww~ ♥ And, hey, now they can share a bed! Score! :D

Of course, now that they've hooked up, it's hard to keep them from attempting to eat each other constantly. Pi keeps distracting Massu from cleaning. Nooo, the plan! She has (kinda-sorta) backfired! XD;


Meanwhile, the other half of the tennen duo was attempting to eat breakfast.

Keyword being 'attempting.' Oh Koyama. What am I going to do with you? ♥

Ryo does not approve of Tego's early morning video gaming!

Since Shige was both going a little stir crazy and wishing to be friends with Tego, and Tego had the day off, I had the two go to the park together. :D But before I went to follow them, I went to check on the other SIMS.

... and found Massu and Pi having a dance off upstairs. What? XD; That distracted me long enough that I forgot to check on Tego and Shige! Eventually I broke away from watching Massu and Pi gyrate at each other to check on the little brainiacs.

This is what Tegoshi was doing. XD;

While Shige was half the park away, playing chess all by his lonesome. XD; HOW IS THAT BEFRIENDING TEGOSHI, SHIGE? FAIL. So I had Shige call Tego over to play.

They attracted fangirls! And eventually became friends. :D

Though upon becoming friends, the two had very different reactions:

Tego's is somehow not surprising.

Shige, on the other hand... XD

Back at home, Tego had leftover hot dogs, which he was far too enthused about. You can see him clapping with glee. Koyama spent his day off reading. And Ryo... poor thing, had just come home from work. Which is always kind of stressful for him, because there are PEOPLE there. XD

And then Tego broke the dishwasher. D: But he and pretty much everyone else had already gone to bed by the time I realized it.

So poor Koyama had to clean up Tego's mess! D: WTF sometimes this thing is too true to life. XD;

But never fear, because Ryo is a genius when it comes to fixing things! :D He can even improve appliances to make them self-cleaning! With that skill learned, I had him go upgrade the stove.

It seems "upgrading" is just a nice term for "hammer the fuck out of it until it works better." XD;;;;; And lol, Koyama playing video games after breakfast.

Tegoshi had other post-breakfast plans. Plans that involved Shige and his fingers, followed by a rousing game of tag.


Meanwhile, in Ryo's angry corner of the world, it seems our favorite virtual Nishikido is making friends on the internet!

Ryo, you troll. Stop starting hate memes.

The really funny thing is after he read that post, this mood modifier popped up:

OMG RYO. XD; Proof that being an asshole makes him happy!

Back outside, Massu and Pi had just returned from a day full of flirting on the beach, just to... flirt on the porch.

Tego and Shige like to watch. :0

Tego and Shige also like to learn from example. (WHAT? It was Shige's wish! XD;)

So with Massu and Pi an item, and Tego and Shige testing the relationship waters, I'd hoped Koyama and Ryo might start taking some interest in each other.

It's an uphill battle, but Koyama want to fight it! D: (And haha, Shige, are you too elite to eat at the table?)

Later on that day, Tego and Koyama both got promotions! :D

Tego's a patrol officer and Koyama's an EMT. AWW. :D In celebration, I decided to let them all have the night off to just chill with their housemates.

Which Shige takes as an invitation to flirt with Koyama, while Koya thinks of Pi. WTF, Shige, weren't you all up in Tego's grill last night!? And Koyama, you homewrecker~ D:

The next day, Ryo decides that he wants to hold a concert in the park. Massu wishes him luck! (Well, more like he was angry at the couch because it was in his way. Or maybe it just wasn't clean enough for him. MASSU SMASH DIRT.)

... Ryo learns that being a musician is tough. :[

Actually, he drew a decent-sized crowd, and played until he had to go to work, where his good mood and guitar skills got him a promotion! :D Yay Ryo!

But back home...

Shige took up where he left off the other day, and starts flirting shamelessly with Tegoshi. XD;

It was so nauseating, everyone in the house had the sudden urge to puke! D: (Well, okay, so it was actually because, in true "i r smrt" SIMS fashion, Pi, Koyama, and Massu all ate some bad sandwiches before I could stop them. But I find it funny that they didn't start puking until Shige and Tego started making advances at each other.)

Even Koyama had to part ways with his dinner! D: Poor Koyamama! Luckily, Pi felt his pain.

Eventually Pi said, "Fuck this, I'm going to find Massu and give him pukey kisses."

Tegoshi said dirty things to Shige. And then he jumped him.

No, literally.

Pi got out his frustration by pelting his boyfriend with balls. (Though he made this cute little "Sorry!" noise after. Aww~ XD)

So... I guess it's safe to say that Tego and Shige are a couple too? Ryo was at work, so Pi did the stare of disapproval in his stead. Ah, friendship!

And that's it for now. I did make some KinKi SIMS, but I was an idiot and forgot to save them, and then the game crashed and they were LOST FOREVER. D: D: D: Noooooooooooo, KinKi! I'll probably remake them next time I play. 'Cause, I mean, who doesn't want entertainment like this?


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i think i laughed harder at this than i do while reading fic.

KEEP THEM COMING. er. virtually.


ryo's my favorite




this is better than fic.


i wanna see more news!sims~ ^__^

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